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The image of employee is the showpiece of company.


Astoria Group designs and produces occupational clothing. We believe that a well-designed, stylish and functional outfit of an employee does not only allow for a better identification of the band but also builds greater trust between the company and its Client.

Our consultants offer you their help both in terms of creating the image of the company through the looks of its employees, and by designing the outfit, which would be the most appropriate for the tasks entrusted to your employees, taken into consideration the choice of fabrics or colours.


In Astoria Group on each stage of cooperation – from the first consultations till the ready product – everything goes in accordance with the highest standards.


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We have been on the market since 2002 and from the very beginning of our existence we have strived for perfection in action.


2012 - ∞

Joining of ChouChoux fashion brandChouChoux.


2010 - 2012

HILL brand starts to exist. We concentrate on provision of complex services of occupational clothing production.


2002 - 2010

Realization of high-volume productions, mainly for advertising market. Services for international concerns both domestic and abroad. “See more” - (here is a link to the old webpage of Astoria)


Stages of cooperation with the Client .


During the first meeting we get familiar with the Client’s needs, their expectations and suggestions.

2Preparation of the designs

On the basis of the detailed information discussed earlier, our designers and stylists prepare designs; our technologists choose fabrics and accessories for their performance.

3Choice of the design

Presentation of designs. Client after consultation with our specialists choose the final design and materials for the performance of the pre-production model.

4Pre-production model

Thanks to the performance of the pre-production model the Client has an opportunity to see the product before the whole order is realised. It is also the time for introduction of the last necessary corrections.


The finally chosen and accepted project is produced by our trusted subcontractors.
We choose an individual realization place for every order depending on the Client’s needs and the type of the product. Taking into account the deadlines and the budget, we choose the local or foreign market, including Asia.


We deliver the ready product within the agreed time directly to the Client’s warehouses.

The use of clothing in business:

corporation clothing - airports, banks, hotels, catering establishments, medical facilities, security agencies, SPAs, conference centres, technical services, couriers, travel agencies and other network institutions.

clothing connected with promotional campaigns - hostesses, events, stage show

advertising clothing - adjusted to the Client’s needs ready clothing (polo T-shirts, T-shirts, hoodies, blouses, shirts, etc.) supplemented with branding or occasional patterns performed with the use of a chosen technique (printing, badges, flock, etc.)



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Hill Realizations

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ChouChoux Realizations

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Our Clients

Client satisfaction is vital for us, hence it leads to their further functioning and development of Client’s undertaking. Therefore we would like to express gratitude for the cooperation with all our Clients, who have trusted us so far.



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